Christmas Sussex Cheese Selection £24

Christmas Sussex Cheese Selection £24

This Christmas Sussex cheese selection box includes a minimum of 700g of cheese.   We can include a gift card and message  if  it’s being sent straight to the your chosen recipient.

This Christmas Sussex Cheese selection box typically contains:
Brighton Blue –  A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The blue green veins deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue strengthens. It has an attractive natural edible rind.
St Giles – continental-style, semi-soft creamy cheese. It has a rich, buttery texture and a creamy mild flavour. There is also an organic variety which has a stunning edible orange rind, made using organic carrot.
Sussex Marble –  A very buttery texture compliments the garlic and herbs. Try it melted onto a jacket potato,  just like a garlic butter.
Chilli Marble – With the addition of red bird-eye chilli. It has an attractive marbling running through it and is rather hot, but with a delicious buttery texture.

Tremains Cheddar – This organic cheddar-style, hard cheese is named after the farm where we make the cheese. It is made as a 4kg wheels and matured for at least five to six months. The cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and a delicious bite, with a medium to strong flavour.

(The contents may vary, if we sell out of a product we will be replace it with cheeses of equal or greater value)

The Sussex cheese selection box can  be posted as well as  collected from our Dairy in Horsted Keynes because we know some of you just like to visit, therefore, just order your cheeses and select  the click and collect option at the checkout . Unfortunately, we cannot show you round due to the current situation.  But we still welcome your visit.



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