sheep milk

sheep milk

  • Diced Halloumi (Cow & Sheep milk) 300g

    Our Diced Halloumi is  great Value .

    Diced Halloumi  can also be frozen so make it last longer.

    Made using Sheep and cow milk and are also Organic and Vegetarian.


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  • Diced Sheep Milk Halloumi 300g

    Our ready Diced Sheep  Milk Halloumi  is great Value .

    A delicious stir fry recipe  is included on the pack, a quick and easy meal for 4 ready in 30 minutes.

    Diced Sheep Milk Halloumi  can also be frozen so make it last longer.


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  • Organic Halloumi offcuts 250g

    Halloumi is a salty brined “squeaky” cheese, originally from the Mediterranean and traditionally made from sheep milk. Once dry fried or grilled it takes on a completely different texture – we call it “the vegetarians alternative to the rasher”. We make two varieties, this one which is made with 100% Sheep milk halloumi and a blended Halloumi using cow and sheep milk. Try it toasted on a summer salad or into a stir fry, addimg mushrooms, tomatoes, oregano, peppers and serving on a bed of rice, pasta or cous-cous.

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