• Diced Halloumi (Cow & Sheep milk) 300g

    Our Diced Halloumi is  great Value .

    Diced Halloumi  can also be frozen so make it last longer.

    Made using Sheep and cow milk and are also Organic and Vegetarian.


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  • Diced Sheep Milk Halloumi 300g

    Our ready Diced Sheep  Milk Halloumi  is great Value .

    A delicious stir fry recipe  is included on the pack, a quick and easy meal for 4 ready in 30 minutes.

    Diced Sheep Milk Halloumi  can also be frozen so make it last longer.


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  • Organic Halloumi offcuts 250g

    Halloumi is a salty brined “squeaky” cheese, originally from the Mediterranean and traditionally made from sheep milk. Once dry fried or grilled it takes on a completely different texture – we call it “the vegetarians alternative to the rasher”. We make two varieties, this one which is made with 100% Sheep milk halloumi and a blended Halloumi using cow and sheep milk. Try it toasted on a summer salad or into a stir fry, addimg mushrooms, tomatoes, oregano, peppers and serving on a bed of rice, pasta or cous-cous.

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  • Organic Sheep and Cow Mixed Milk Ricotta Salata 150g

    Ricotta (meaning re-cooked cheese) is a, compact semi hard salty cheese made using cow and sheep whey. We make it by heating the organic whey left over from making a hard cheese to 90°C, resulting in the soft cheese then floating to the surface.  It is then Salted and left to press .Our Ricotta Salata is great grated onto salads, roasted vegetables, tomatoes, pasta dishes or pizza..

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