The advantages of sheep's and goats' milk, cheese and dairy products.

Sheep's and goats' milk and their benefits for those intolerant to cows' milk.


The milk is both higher in both fat and protein than cow or goat milk, which gives it the sweeter taste. The excellent grassland in Britain is ideal for sheep and they live outside most of the year. The products are free from additives, colourings and preservatives.

Although the milk varies between breeds and the lactation, the table shown below is a typical analysis.

Milk Comparison Sheep Goat Cow
Total Solids  18.3 11.2 12.1
Protein %  5.6  2.9  3.4
Fat %  6.7  3.9  3.5
Lactose %  4.8  4.1  4.5
Calcium mg/100g  210  132  110
Zinc mg/100g  0.85  0.34  0.3
Riboflavin mg/litre  4.3  1.4  2.2
Folic Acid µg/litre  0.6  0.06  0.5
Calories/100g  102  77  73

Due to the small fat and protein particles, sheep milk will not separate out on defrosting.

Intolerant to cow or goat milk?
Sheep milk, yogurt and cheeses can be the ideal alternative to many people that are Lactose intolerant.

Such intolerances / allergies cause a wide range of undiagnosed problems

Sheep milk is very digestible,it forms a soft curd in the stomach, that is easily digested.
Being told to come off dairy products usually only means cows milk products and not sheep or goat. Calcium deficiency can occur if cow milk products are eliminated from the diet.

If you are worried about cholesterol - remember that the level of fat does not necessarily relate to the level of cholesterol, 45% of the fatty acids in sheep milk are mono or polyunsaturated.

Can't eat cheese
Many people are able to enjoy genuine sheep milk cheese, even after years of privation.

Sheep milk is a source of calcium 

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